12pm Tuesday 25th December

Melksham Assembly Hall

To book call / text 07788 446567

21st December: We now have 158 guests and helpers booked-in for Christmas Dinner!

How to Help

Just as the number of guests at our Christmas Dinner has increased over the years, so has the number of offers of help. If you're interested in getting involved, here's how you can contribute.

Setting up the Assembly Hall

This year we will be setting up the Assembly Hall between 10am and 12:30pm on Saturday 23rd December. It's a good opportunity for people to come along who can't be there on Christmas Day but still want to help out. Furniture needs to be arranged, tables need to be covered, places laid and all with the same care you would take at home.

Serving Food

In terms of Christmas Day itself, what we're looking for are people who would like to join us for half-a-day and have their Christmas Dinner with us at either the midday or 3pm sitting. It's not waiters and waitresses we want, but guests who will take on the responsibility of serving the other people at their table and sit down to eat with them. Our aim is to create the atmosphere of a big family meal, not a restaurant. Servers need to be physically able to carry trays of food from the kitchen hatch to their table. Please do not volunteer to be a server if you are planning to have your own Christmas Dinner elsewhere on Christmas Day.


We offer transport to anyone who needs help getting to the Assembly Hall. For some years now Leszan Travel have kindly helped out by providing a minibus but we usually need three or four cars on top of that. The only restrictions are that anyone offering to drive needs to have a CRB or DBS certificate that we can see and they need to be able to collect their passengers in time to have them at the Assembly Hall for 11:30am, if giving a lift to the first sitting, or 2pm, if giving a lift to the second sitting.

Clearing Up

We will begin to pack away the hall at about 5pm and hope to be finished by 6:00pm (for those who've helped before, to save time this year we are NOT washing the crockery and cutlery at the Assembly Hall on Christmas Day). If you can't join us for lunch but would like to come and help us clear up, we'll be glad to see you.


If you can't be with us on the day, there are still other ways to contribute. Every year people ask if they can donate to the Christmas Dinner. Some people want to make a financial donation whilst others would like to buy something. If you get in touch, we can let you know how to give and what we need.

If you would like to help in any way, please call or text Gavin Owen on 07788 446567

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